Gaismas Magija is the largest chain of lighting stores in Latvia. For more than 13 years, the company has been representing 200+ world's best manufacturers of interior lighting, entitled to exclusively introduce 30 brands to the local market.

Apart from endless options for personalized modifications, our customers have more than 25,000 models at their disposal available in three "Gaismas Magija" branches in Riga. Each of our salons is expertly designed for the most comfortable and convenient lighting choice for your interior.

We are very careful when it comes to the selection of lighting products, so the exposition of our stores is always filled with a rich selection of unique models and design solutions. Employees of the company participate in international exhibitions and personally visit manufacturers, selecting the most aesthetically exquisite and high-quality products for our customers.

It is the play of light and shadow that creates the atmosphere of coziness and luxury, emphasizes classical and modern forms, and adds strong personality to the surroundings. Gaismas Magija collections perfectly solve practical and artistic problems, by combining creativity of ideas with high-grade embodiment.

Our History

Gaismas Magija was founded in 2008, and ever since has been successfully providing services with care and respect for its customers. Love and attention help us create long-term and friendly alliances with our customers and partners.

We import more than 12,000 light units per month to Latvia and neighboring countries. In cooperation with designers, architects and developers, we create projects of any complexity, from private apartments to grand-scale objects.

Participating in the development of architecture and contributing to the culture of interior design, we are proud of the future that we create for our children together!

Our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create unique interior designs and comfortable lighting by offering stylish and high-quality solutions!


Honesty, transparency and reliability of our services

Care and support for each client

Highest professionalism of each employee

Open and trustful relations based on sincere communication

Positive impact on our community and environment

Social activities

Social activities 

Gaismas Magija is the official sponsor of the Latvian cycling team “Gaismas Maģija - EMU”. In 2016, we were the Latvian Amateur team to have made a double achievement of becoming the best in amateur team and individual performances. Apart from that, we have won various competitions multiple times in both individual and team assessment.

We take an active part in the life of our country and the city, by regularly supporting events taking place in Latvia.

Our History
Our mission
Social activities

Our team


Martinsh Garoza
"Spice Home” Store director
Deniss Skripa
"Brivibas 105" store director
Anna Torska
Accounting Department Manager
Mihails Jefimovs
Development director
Vlada Romanova
Store manager
Anna Tartusa
Commercial Director


Evita Eizvertina
Edgars Balsis
Lighting Designer
Aleksandra Mežraupe
Oksana Korolyova
Lighting Designer
Lighting designer
Anastasija Belajeva
Lighting designer
Jurijs Kosjakovs
Lighting consultant
Larisa Liepa
Lighting Designer
Oleksandr Minin
Lighting Arhitect
Romans Stavrovskis
Lighting Designer
Krisine Racene
Lighting Designer
Gunita Careva
Lighting designer
Lilita Zaltane
Lighting designer
Kristina Kapina
Accounting specialist
Tatjana Piontkevicha
Accounting Specialist
Edvards Žukovskis
Logistics specialists
Margarita Jevsejeva
Logistics specialists


Maris Ozolinsh
Warehouse manager
Aleksandrs Vincans
Technical specialist
Vadims Kalinins
Technical specialist
Jevgēnijs Mihejevs
Technical Specialist

Colombini Casa

Una Dombrovska
Interior Designer
Tamāra Guļajeva
Interior Designer
Tetiana Kiforenko
Interior Designer
Iveta Murujeva
Store administrator